First love never dies – this applies in business as well. Engr. Marlon Owen Cruz can be considered the epitome of undying passion to pursue his first love – farming, animal husbandry, and agricultural products trading. Born from a family of farmers, Owen – West Grains Trading proprietor – was first introduced to farming by his father, who inherited tenant’s rights for a piece of land from the latter’s father. As he grew, he came to full awareness of the farming business and animal husbandry which has become his passion. His passion for farming was set aside in college when he took up Electronics Engineering. This resulted in the founding of his digital marketing and online solutions company, ICONCEPT GLOBAL ADVERTISING INC.

As ICONCEPT inevitably passed the business adolescent stage into its current mature management, Owen was freed from the demands of this highly technical firm. With farming and agriculture products trading being his first love, it is no surprise that Owen went back to where his heart truly is – farming, animal husbandry and agricultural products trading.In 2009, he traded rice, rice bran, corn, copra and soya meal to and from local rice mills, feed producers and co-traders. In January 2010, he decided to institutionalize this trading business which gave birth to West Grains Trading.